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Conscious Emotional Freedom Techniques Coaching

Conscious EFT

Emotional Freedom Techniques commonly known as tapping is a powerful modality which connects the experience of the body with that of the mind. It involves mindful intentional tapping on acupressure points on the body’s energy pathways called meridians, gently with your finger-tips. We tap on these acupressure points together whilst also capitalizing our ability to focus on a particular events or emotions causing dysregulation in our body's energy system. 
My training is in Conscious EFT™ which is an Evolution of and expands on the safety and effectiveness of traditional EFT by integrating a trauma informed and time-phased approach and thus working within the capacity of what the nervous system can safely tolerate at that given time. The goal is to safely explore the issue without triggering or re-traumatizing the system.
Conscious EFT helps re-balance your system to feel safe in the present day so you can manage and improve your relationship with your life and circumstances around you, bringing you back to your most natural state of being.

Image by Aleksandr Eremin
Image by Johan Nilsson

My Approach

Using conscious EFT in my practice, I help clients navigate various issues like stress, overwhelm, phobias that cause limitations, upsetting emotions, life changes or transitions, physical discomfort in the body, improving relationships, parenting challenges or any situations that cause upset or are not ideal.
My intention in my practice is to hold space for you in a supportive non -judgmental environment. Together we create safety in the system to gently uncover and bring awareness to unconscious patterns and beliefs underneath, that have been placed upon you and are limiting you from being in true harmony and flow with your life. 

There is innate wisdom inside you. Let's tap in and use it to create the life you are meant to live.

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Client Talk

What They Say

I came to see Cyra to work on my anxiety, stress, and fears.

Before I came to work with Cyra I was struggling with my fear of needles and general university stress and anxiety.

Throughout my journey with Cyra, I have gained so much confidence in myself and feel like I have evolved so much.

In my life, I improved dealing with my daily stresses and anxieties with techniques learned in sessions with Cyra. 

The shift I have experienced is to be able to speak up for myself and to be proud of myself for that, instead of being anxious and scared of judgment.  

My biggest accomplishment throughout our time together for me has been conquering my huge fear of needles, which has been really helpful in the situation we are all living in and my own personal situation.

If you are someone who is thinking about working with Cyra, I would truly say that she has been a light and an immense support in processing my emotions. I have also gained a great number of techniques and tricks in our sessions to help me every day, in situations of stress/anxiety, and celebration of successes.


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